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Frank Browning: Do Gays Exist?

Do gays exist? In A Queer Geography: Journeys Toward a Sexual Self — available from Amazon — Frank Browning begins […]

Per Larson: Gay Money

We’re familiar with being different, but our financial situations are also different from the ones modeled by the straight community. […]

Was The Founder Of The Scouting Movement Gay?

Boy Scouts of America continues to openly exclude gay men and boys from their organization, and so far, the courts have not forced them to change their opinion. [This changed in 2015.] (Girls Scouts do not discriminate against lesbian girls and women.) Wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony if the guy who founded scouting had been gay? According to some […]

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The Symbols Of Our Pride

At least there’s not a lavender rhinoceros on your bumper. Sticking on bumpers, hanging around necks and dangling in front of windows are a few of the places you’ll find the symbols of lesbian and gay pride. There might even be one tattooed on your partner’s arm. Rainbow flags, pink triangles and that odd wishbone-like Greek letter called lambda are […]

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Roger Streitmatter: The Rise Of The Gay Press

Every issue of most gay and lesbian publications is something of a miracle. A small staff with a low budget and a tight deadline manages to pull together a good publication — often at the very last minute. But have you ever wondered where it all began? Who came up with the idea of publication especially for lesbian women or […]

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Marc Adams: The Preacher’s Son

Marc Adams grew up in a household where Jerry Falwell was considered a liberal, but this preacher’s son is now on a two-person crusade to expose discrimination against lesbian and gay youth in this country’s fundamentalist schools and try to help the victims. “I must speak for the gay and lesbian youth whose lives are being damaged, ruined and sometimes […]

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The Lesbian Conductor Of The Gay Men’s Chorus

There aren’t many female choral conductors, but Kathleen McGuire long ago managed to break into the male dominated field. Perhaps even more interesting, however, is what the Australian-born lesbian is now conducting: McGuire is the first-ever female conductor of the historic San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. [She held the role for more than a decade before returning to Australia in […]

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Peter Nardi: The Cultural Impact Of AIDS

While AIDS is far from over, its stranglehold on the gay and lesbian community is loosening. After two decades of HIV and the illness it causes, Peter Nardi says it’s time to look at the impact the virus has had on the evolution of the gay community — and the world. “Consider, for example, how the media — from newspapers […]

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Mark Jordan: Talking About Sodomy

Mark Jordan is the author of The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology — available on Amazon. As the title suggests, Jordan tackles a controversial and weighty task — trying to discount the term “sodomy” as a category people use to condemn gay and lesbian people by unmasking it as a late-in-coming invention. As Jordan and I sat on the […]

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Starting A Company Gay And Lesbian Employee Group

If you’re an employee at a company where no gay and lesbian group exists, what can you do to make a little progress in the direction of equality? The answer is simple: start a group. But the process of actually starting one is a little more complicated. We asked some experts how you can get started. Kim Mills, director of […]

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Daniel Harris: The Rise And Fall Of Gay Culture

Bit by bit, the bonds of homophobia and oppression are being broken. Gay men lurking in parks hoping for a secret encounter are giving way to glossy magazines like Out that make “gay” look glamorous. The gay community is going mainstream, and it’s about time. But listen closely. A faint, witty-but-serious voice can be heard in the background — asking […]

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Michael Piazza: Rainbow Family Values

Lesbian and gay people are just beginning to find role models, and very few good examples of healthy relationships with partners and families of choice exist. Now, the senior pastor of the world’s largest predominately lesbian and gay church has written a book that fills this void with stories and practical advice. Rev. Michael Piazza, whose church serves a congregation […]

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