Bernardette Brooten: Love Between Women

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Bernadette Brooten’s book Love Between Women: Early Christian Responses to Female Homoeroticism — available from Amazon — got someone’s attention; it earned the 1997 Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Studies and an award from the American Academy of Religion, but it was ignored by much of the lesbian and gay media. Its… Read more »

Investing In Professional Theatre Productions

High-end gay and lesbian investors with a passion for the theatre and some money they can afford to lose are the perfect investors for theatrical productions. Others may be scared away by high minimum investments and high risk, according to experts. “Most investors in the theatre today are large investors… Read more »

Christopher Alexander: Growth And Intimacy For Gay Men

There’s more to being a gay man than AIDS and coming out. But those issues are the primary focus of many gay men’s self-help books. Regardless of how much time and emotional turmoil was involved in revealing your sexual orientation to others and whether or not you carry the HIV… Read more »

Per Larson: Gay Money

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We’re familiar with being different, but our financial situations are also different from the ones modeled by the straight community. Per Larson’s new book explains the differences and offers some advice for using the gay or lesbian difference as an advantage. The book is good (although it generalizes a lot),… Read more »

Lee Lawrence: Fleeing New York for the Rural Life

While some gay and lesbian people spend their lives trying to escape the isolation and loneliness associated with being different, some have the opposite problem. Lee Lawrence had a successful design career in New York, but his personal and emotional life was not nearly so successful. Something had to change,… Read more »

Gay And Lesbian Couples: Documents That Protect You

With marriage comes a number of rights that can’t be fully simulated for gay and lesbian couples who are not allowed to legally marry. A few carefully prepared documents, however, can make a big difference in protecting a couple’s rights. While there are a number of documents that gay and… Read more »