Where’s The List?

I’ve discovered that many people still visit GayScribe.com looking for The Ultimate Listing of Gay and Lesbian Publications, the free listing of gay press outlets that once resided on GayScribe.com.

It is no longer available, I’m afraid.

When I stopped writing for the gay press many years ago, the listing became increasingly out of date as I lost interest in maintaining it. Its success depended on my constant contact with publications, writers and a group of “friends of the list” who scoured their cities for the information I needed to keep the listing current.

In an effort to save the listing, I gave the rights to it to a media company that promised to keep it on the web and maintain it. For a short time, they did. Then, the listing stayed for two years or more in its out-of-date form on their site. Finally, their site disappeared, too.

I don’t know of any similar listing. If you do, please tell me and I’ll link to it here.

Sorry I can help you anymore, but it was great fun while it lasted! GayScribe.com is now as an archive of some of my early gay press work. I hope you’ll have a look around before you leave.

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