Susan Raffo: A Matter Of Class

Susan Raffo, the editor of Queerly Classed: Gay Man & Lesbians Write About Class — available from Amazon — has worked as a park ranger, a waitress, a taxi driver, a writer and a salesperson, among other things. So she knows something about differences in class. The book, which she says sprang from a call for essays at a periodical […]

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Changing Jobs When You’re HIV Positive

If you’re HIV-positive and considering changing job, you’re forced to be more careful when planning for the transition. If you don’t, you could be denied a job or lose your health coverage. Some laws protect you, but you have to know your rights and responsibilities to take advantage of them. “We live in a time in which the epidemic is […]

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Disability Fetishism: Attracted To Physical Differences

While many say the gay community is obsessed with perfection of the body, there are some within the community who are attracted to physical difference. The root of some of the discomfort in the lesbian and gay community and in society at large about discussing disabilities may lie in disability fetishism, a particular attraction some people have to disabled people. […]

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